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Bradford Broadband is a modern internet service provider specializing in fixed wireless connections in Bradford County PA.

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Get To Know Us.

Bradford Broadband was formed from the ground up by people who were born and raised in Bradford County. Our staff members have experience in all aspects of telecommunications from tower climbers to professional IT security and everything in between. We realize that Internet services have become a necessity in today's world and Bradford County has a severe lack of accessible and reliable broadband connections. Here at Bradford Broadband, we won't treat you like an account number like some services but like our neighbor. We won't leave you without service for days on end with endless calls to customer sevice with no solutions. If we do have an outage, we'll keep you up to date with our repair progress. It's our mission to ensure that you have the absolute best experience with us.

Residential Plans - Can be changed at any time!

Basic - $55/mo

3Mbps Down and 3Mbps Up
Ideal for general web browsing, e-mail, YouTube and occasional movie downloads

Middle - $75/mo

6Mbps Down and 6Mbps Up
Great for heavier web browsing, light gaming and streaming video services

Maximum - $95/mo

15Mbps Down and 10Mbps Up
This is our maximum experience plan!
Great for heavier web browsing, gaming and multiple HD streaming video services

Business Plans

Tier 1 - $65/mo

5Mbps Down and 5Mbps Up
For 1-3 employees
Ideal for general web browsing, e-mail, occasional large file download/upload

Tier 2 - $85/mo

10Mbps Down and 10Mbps Up
For 3-10 employees
Great for heavier web browsing, VIOP and streaming video services

Tier 3 - $125/mo

20Mbps Down and 20Mbps Up
For 10+ employees
This is our maximum experience plan! Great for heavier web browsing, VOIP and video conferencing services

Managed WiFi routers are included with every installation. Static IP addresses are available for $10/mo


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How does fixed wireless internet work?

We will install a small dish type antenna that's about 1/2 the size of a normal satellite dish pointed at one of out local towers. A single small cable will run from the antenna outside to one room in your building. From there you may connect directly to a computer, network switch, or a wireless router to distribute the signal throughout your building.